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Friday, May 4

Pictures from Australia

I uplaoded to them flickr (thinking about testing Picasa software...) Lets see: Slideshow

Monday, May 15

Link effort

Although all kind of Rainer Ertl are able to appear on google search. None of my pages do come up. So I try to link them from here. Maybe that helps. Rainer's trip to Japan October 2004

I also started to create a page at= openBC = Rainer Ertl. a simple and solid tracker that is able to collect data for free and gives you immmediately the stats of a certain page.

Panini soccer world cup sticker album

Success! I have done it again after 20 years I started again to collect stickers for the upcoming Soccer World cup in Germany next Month. The album consists of 598 sticker
The beauty of this is that this time, first time in my life I was able to collect all of them. Today a guy from Germany sent me the last sticker a tunesian player.

A happy day...

Monday, February 6

Hochkar Skiing 4.Feb.

Here some pictures from a bright sunny day that we had. Plenty of snow - nice area for a one or 2 day trip. I just wonder how so many people from Hungary & Slovakia can afford this. My assumption is around 50% coming from these new EU member states.

here some pics...

1.My Brother
2.Skiing area
3.Panorama view
4.Looks nice when the mist flows through the valley like a river...
5.another view and my brother

Sunday, February 5

US Trip 22-29 Jan.

My company had a planning session so they sent me to NY, for 1 week. I have learned a couple of things:

1. I have realized that in US competition is much stronger and raises the quality of many little things in your dail-life . Such as radios with huge clock displays with background lightning next to your bed. Which can be dimmed and adjusted in terms of brightness. Or every bathroom had an extra babylight so you dont have to turn on the complete light if you wake up in the night and your eyes are not adjusted to bright light. Or TV news broadcasts sending weather news that are set up so even if you have only the visual information, you fully understand what they say. So there is no need to have the sound - which in some situations you dont have or you cant have. (hotel lobby, waiting in a queue at the airport, ....)
2. They dont know a lot about Austria - just Nazitum and Waldheim which makes me s/mad. I am tempted to refuse my origin in the future.
3. Some might say "Well US - they dont have tradition or culture". I would rather see that do not have the burden of a heritage that needs to be carried over from one generation to the next one without questioning. Might be the case but is much stronger here. ("Because we always did it that way.")You dont live in a world of opportunities but in a world of rules. In our country you have to stop on a red light - just because the light tells you. Not because there is a car coming or something. So if you are able to check if no one is coming you can turn right. It is a good example of adjustments and shifting decision ownership to the people and not having everything put into rules. I would like to see more of that, although I see that not everybody is able to cope with the responsibility he has. Probably someone does not want to have empowered thinking people... Nobody wants to have an armed neighbourhood so security is going back to the officials and they start watching and monitoring what their people do. It would not be NY if some clever minds were not tranforming this into some ideas.
4. Everybody is nice and used to live/cooperate with others.
5. On Demand strategy is pervasive!
I also had a chance to see some relatives and walking through central park (15 degrees Celcius while we had -10 in Vienna) or on the day going back to Europe I walked on the long island beach. Which is realy long and I enjoyed it a lot.

NY skyscraper, NY streets due to the sea they have a different light there very strong very intensive,

The Art of Loving

I have read the following book - The art of Loving from Erich Fromm (German: Die Kunst des Liebens) and despite the fact that this is a very interesting book there are besides good ideas some points where I do not agree with Fromm. During more and intensive reading this section might be expanded.

1. Fromm describes in his book that the fact that mankind was once born: separated from the world and thus wishes to partner again. This separation of the rest of the world, and he chips in here the story from Adam and Eve expelled from garden Eden, is the reason why everyone is looking for love.
Now I do not see that this kind of argumentation is something I can believe (in). First because we are born we are still part of the universe and not separated in any kind of ways less. I would rather see that becoming one with everything as the Buddhis tradition calls it is one way of generating and feeling love with everything/body.

2. Fromm refers very often to bible stories and thinking from which he deducts his points.
I do not think that taking parts of a religion fundament should be used if new ways of thinking is what I am looking for. However it sometimes helps to communicate as he talks in words and stories that people know.

Wednesday, January 4

Kottan's Kapelle Rostige Flügel Lyrics

Now a world premier the following post - first time on the internet the lyrics of a song written and performed by Kottan's Kapelle called "Rostige Flügel" (= rusty wings)
The song can be found on a record sold by

As the lyircs is Viennese dialect it has never been transcripted before.
For all Germans and Swiss Eidgenossen I have put next to it the German version as well as English, which is pretty far from a good translation but I guess you can figure out its meaning.

I kenn an mo - der schwimmt im göd
[German: Ich kenne einen Mann - der schwimmt im Geld]
(English: I know a man - he is loaded with money)
oba ans her buang des tät a ned
[Aber eines herborgen das würde er nicht]
(But he would never lend any money)
er kummt im himmei am end von sein lem
[Er kommt in den Himmel am Ende von seinem Leben]
(He will go to heaven once his life ends)
er kummt im himmei und wast wos eam gem?
[Er kommt in den Himmel und weisst du was sie ihm geben?]
(He will go to heaven and you know what they will give him?)

sie gem eam rostige fliagln - aus zweiter hand
[Sie geben ihm Rostige Flügeln aus zweiter Hand]
(They will give him rusty wings second hand)
a klane woikn mit kan plotz
[Eine kleine Wolke mit keinem Platz]
(A small cloud which is too small)
rostige fliagln an klan hölignschein
[Rostige Flügeln einen kleinen Heiligenschein]
(Rusty wings and a small gloriole)
und a pullover der eam nur krozt
[und einen Pullover der ihm nur kratzt]
(and a pullover which is just itchy)

manche leit foan nur im rolls umanand
[Manche Leute fahren nur im Rolls'Royce herum]
(some people drive only Rolls' Royce)
hom kane suagn und jeden tog a neichs quwond
[Haben keine Sorgen und jeden Tag ein neues Gewand]
(Have no sorrows and every day new cloths)
sübane fenster und goidane dian
[Silberne Fenster und goldene Türen]
(silver windows and golden doors)
sie kumman in himmel und tauschen ois wia
[Sie kommen in den Himmel und tauschen wie nur]
(They go to heavan and barter)
a par rostige fliagln aus zweiter hand
[ein Paar rostige Flügeln aus zweiter Hand]
(a pair of rusty wings second hand)
a klane woikn mit kan plotz
[Eine kleine Wolke mit keinem Platz]
(a small cloud too small)
rostige fliagln an klan hölignschein
[Rostige Flügeln einen kleinen Heiligenschein]
(Rusty wings and a small gloriole)
und an pullover der nur krozt
[und einen Pullover der nur kratzt]
(and a pullover that is just itchy)

wüst da wos buang von an ohne suagn
[Willst du dir was borgen von einem ohne Sorgen]
(If you want to borrow something from a person that has no so sorrows)
krigta klane uahn - und sogt "vielleicht muagn"
[bekommt er kleine Ohren und sagt "vielleicht morgen"]
(he wont hear you and will say "maybe tommorrow")
leb ned wir a engel leb wir a stern
[Lebe nicht wie ein Engel lebe wie ein Stern]
(dont live like an angel but more like a star (?))
dann bist hoibwegs sicher dass da nie kean
[Dann bist du sicher dass sie dir nie gehören]
(then you are on the save side that they will never be yours)
die rostigen fliagln aus zeiter hand
[Die Rostigen Flügeln aus zweiter Hand]
(the rusty wings second hand)

a klane woikn mit kan plotz
rostige fliagln an klan hölignschein
und an pullover der nur krotz
die rostigen fliagln aus zeiter hand
a klane woikn mit kan plotz
rostige fliagln an klan hölignschein
und an pullover der nur krotz

Tuesday, January 3

Bag for Archos 202

Today I found a cheap bag for my Archos 202 - Company Deja - bought for 6 €. Flexible material so it fits - the screen is protected, can hang round my neck, the stick can not be moved accidentially - DEJA Art.No. 697/05
There is an official bag from archos but it cots 4 times the money.

Monday, January 2

Archos Gmini xs 202 review by Rainer Ertl

I bought this device last week and I like to share my experience here after a couple of days using it:
Stars * indicate the severity

- Cheap (compared to Ipod) ***
- small - handy ****
- Easy to navigate menus **
- good battery **
- no additional software needed ***

- clicks can be heard that HD is active moving or doing something *
- no bag **
- earphones only mediocre *
- display not showing more than 20 (or something) characters **
- turns on accidentally **
- no radio transmission possible (or is it?) *

Sound: well that is ok or good. I had the Zen Jukebox before and I STRONGLY recommend to use the Koss Porta Pro the best open headphones I ever seen/used. With them the bass will be more intensive sometimes you can feel also in your bones. Zen Jukebox I have with the turned on EAX (?) bass system sounds better - however the headphones that are able to give me that sound with that range I do not have. So Zen + Koss + EAX = overdose for the ears and strange brumms brrrrr noise sounds like the sound collapses in some songs.

Overall: definitely a good solid player.

If you find any spelling errors - you can keep them.

Rainer Ertl opens his own blog...

I have heard in a podcast a techno-visionary guy praising this method of revolution and called blogs the under estimated thing. So I thought lets give it a try and see what it does. So right now I have no idea how this blog ends ....

One reason why each Posts has my name is because I like to find out what I need to do so this blog can be found if someone puts in my name...